While most of the consortium had met previously, the First EXCILIGHT days in Klaipėda was the first opportunity for the entire team to get to know each other, including the newly recruited PhD students as well as members of Partner Organisations and the Advisory Board.

Day 1 gave centre stage to the ESRs to present their work and what progress they have already achieved.

Day 2 was dedicated to a training of the PhD students in research project management provided by Partner Organisation accelopment. In parallel, the Supervisory and Management Board members met and discussed personnel, financial, training and further organisational issues to ensure a smooth advance of the EXCILIGHT project.

Day 3 and 4 were focusing again on Science, with both PhD students and their supervisors actively participating and presenting in the Baltic Polymer Symposium.

Of course, the very committed work of all EXCILIGHT members had to be rewarded with a city tour through the lovely old town and port of Klaipeda, a trip to the beach and an evening of bowling.

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